Improved Sales & Marketing

PowerUp Fleet has helped numerous petroleum marketing companies improve how their commercial fleet fueling products and services are promoted and delivered in the marketplace.

A successful fleet fueling business begins with hiring the right people and properly training them on how to avoid the commodity trap by selling the value of the “system” over the price of fuel.  Salespeople must be given the right tools to support their message when presenting to prospective clients.

Fleet fueling is a technology sale.  Sales reps must not only understand the customers unique business needs, but also how the various supporting systems can and must be configured to deliver the desired solutions.  One of the greatest threats to success in this business are salespeople who fail to fully comprehend how their product actually works and brings value to the end user.

PowerUp Fleet will evaluate your business and assist in making improvements on many levels, whether it be helping hire the right individual, train them, develop promotional materials, or explain your systems and how they work.  Our track record speaks for itself.